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As a resident of New York, deeply concerned about our planet's health. I believe that by increasing the bottle deposit from 5 cents to 10 cents, we can significantly increase the rate of bottles being returned for reuse. This simple change could have a profound impact on reducing waste and promoting recycling in our state.

Currently, only about less then half of all bottles sold in New York are returned for recycling (New York State Department of Environmental Conservation). By doubling the deposit value, we could incentivize more people to return their bottles, potentially increasing this rate substantially.

This isn't just about money; it's about taking action now to protect our environment. It's time for us as a state to show that we care about preserving our planet for future generations. By making this change, we can help reduce litter and waste while promoting sustainability and responsible consumption habits.

I urge you to support this petition and call on our state lawmakers to increase the bottle deposit from 5 cents to 10 cents as soon as possible. Please sign this petition today!

January 19, 2024
Fayez Mota , join the team contact us.